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New Years Day Friday January 1, 2010 Office Closed
President’s Day Monday February 15, 2010 Office Closed
Independence Day Monday July 5, 2010 Office Closed
Labor Day Monday September 6, 2010 Office Closed
Thanksgiving Day Thursday November 25, 2010 Office Closed
Christmas Eve Friday December 24, 2010 Office Closed

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Portage, MI Mansfield, OH Holland, OH
Delta, OH Cerritos, CA Houston, TX


Employee Forms:

PDF Applicant Consent
PDF HIRE ACT - Form W-11
PDF State tax exempt - Mi
PDF Applicant Self- identify
PDF State tax exempt - Ohio
PDF Application
PDF LFG - LTD claim form
PDF W-4 '10 version
PDF Benefits Summary
PDF LFG - STD Claim form
PDF Waiver of medical coverage form
PDF Death Benefit Claim
PDF LFG - STD,AD&D, Life enrollment
DOC Deduction of Rx and Boots
PDF Direct Deposit Application
PDF Med. warning label notification
DOC Ee Request for FMLA
PDF FMLA Designation Notice
PDF PFG - 401k - easy enrollment form
DOC New Hire COBRA Notice
PDF FMLA Eligibility Rights and Responsibilty (PDF-2.19MB) PDF PFG - Beneficiary designation
DOC Personnel Information
PDF FMLA Fact Sheet /pdf/28
PDF PFG - Early Withdrawel Form
DOC PFG Death Notification form
PDF FMLA HCP Cert. employee
PDF PFG - Rollover form
DOC Preexisting New Hires
PDF FMLA HCP Cert. family member
PDF Pre-tax form
XLS PAN Blank 2.xls
PDF FMLA Military Certification
PDF State tax exempt - Ca


Bunting Bearings Employees at Portage, MI

First Name Last Name Position Photo
Ashley Fuhrman Sizing Operator
Barbara Davis Administration
Benjamin Schlubatis Set-up
Brian Young Maint.
Carmen Irizarry Soto QA Supervisor
Chris Campbell Shipping
Chris Piper Set-up
Christy Hammontree Administration
Chuck Kohler Administration
Dan Phares Set-up
David Hunsberger Molding Operator
Debora Shelton Sizing Operator
Don Haynes Set-Up Group Leader
Frank Hayworth Supervisor
Frankie Hayworth Set-up
Garrett Marhanka CNC Operator
Gary Zimmerman Molding Operator
Jeff Fisher Set-Up
Jeff McCarty Sizing
Joaquin Enriquez Molding Operator
Joe Gillard Molding Operator
John C. Hannah Set-Up
John D. Hannah Set-up Shift Leader
John Daniel Molding Operator
John McPherson Sizing Operator
John Nelms Molding Operator
Johnathan Lenz Production Manager
Jon Courtier CNC Operator
Justin Smith Set-up
Katherine Merchant N/A
Lee Asakevich Set-Up
Malcolm Lutze Molding Operator
Mark Johnston Molding Operator
Mark McDonald Set-Up
Matthew Reed Molding Operator
Matthew Teft Set-Up
Nicholas Grunwell Molding Operator
Pamela Fields Molding Operator
Patricia McNees Sizing Operator
Patrick Green Set-Up
Richard Baus Tool Maker
Robert Arndt III Maint.
Robert Arndt Molding Operator
Ross Soltess Sizing Operator
Scott Haas Sizing Operator
Scott Tiffany Molding Operator
Shannon Pauley Inspection
Stacey Stefanich Material Handler Shipping
Stanley Andres Molding Operator
Steve Wesaw Molding Operator
Steven Kaylor General Plant Mgr.
Terri Phillips Inspection
Terry Schlipp Molding Operator
Thomas Huntley Shipping
William Brown Molding Operator

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Bunting Bearings Employees at Mansfield, OH

First Name Last Name Position Photo
Andrew Neighbor N/A
Bo Little N/A
Byron Reece N/A
Carl Snyder N/A
Carrie Swartz N/A
Cheryl Monroe N/A
Coy Montgomery N/A
Craig Barre N/A
Dan Boggs N/A
David Stephens N/A
Dennis Moore N/A
Doug Miller N/A
Eric Hunt N/A
Eugene Kling N/A
Florence Webster N/A
Gary Hall N/A
Gene Ford N/A
Hascal Jackson N/A
Jack Swartz N/A
James M. Lee N/A
Jeff Utt N/A
John Hunt N/A
Kelly Salyers N/A
Kenneth Tackett N/A
Kerry Kline N/A
Kevin Stout N/A
Kim Keogh N/A
Leland Tabor N/A
Mark Bond N/A
Mark Sifread N/A
Michael C. Stevens N/A
Michael Utt N/A
Mike Owens N/A
Paul Kegley N/A
Randy Totman N/A
Richard Winegardener N/A
Robert Bauer N/A
Robert Stephens N/A
Roger Owens N/A
Roger Smith N/A
Ronald Losier N/A
Roy Pool N/A
Sally Sedlacek N/A
Terry Steagall N/A
William Lawhorn N/A
William Ruby N/A

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Bunting Bearings Employees at Holland, OH

Please note February 2, 2011 Lucas County is at a Snow Emergency Level 3.  As such, Bunting Holland Facility will be closed.
First Name Last Name Position Photo
Alistair Brixey VP Sales & Mkt.
Amy Kennerly Shipping
Andrea Richie Admin. Sec.
Anna Wodarski CS. Dist.
Barb Hoffman OC Tech
Barry Brown DP Mgr.
Bernie Wielinski Inv. Shipping
Bill Harrison Accounts Payables
Bob Weemes CNC Operator
Brittany Stine CNC Operator
CJ Hardnett CNC Operator
Corey Meisenheimer Web Catalog CS Rep.
Curtis Miller General Machine
Darrin Collins Whs. Bearings
Dave Spence Whs. Saws
Dave Thomas Screw Machines
David Crowell Material Handler
David Skates CNC Operator
Dawn Mull QC Tech
Debbie Stoll Manual Machine
Dick Boldt Operations Dir. Holland
Don Danhauer General Labor
Don McGee CNC Operator
Don Pawlicki CNC Operator
Doug Miller CS Mgr. Bar
Doug Smith Sales Rep.
Doug Vonier Whs. Bearings
Drew Dean DP Programer
Elaine Green Accounts Rec.
Ernest Hernandez General Machine
Frank Kohler Trans. Mgr.
Frank Matuszak DP
Gary Kormendy Controller
Gary Seigneur Tool Room Suprv.
Gary Stine Mfg. Superv.
George E. Mugford Exec. VP & COO
Grant Sattler QC Mgr.
Heather Stoll General Machine
Jackie Gedert CS. Dist.
Jamey Mugford Sr. Proj. Eng.
Jason Klepper Maint.
Jason Mugford Accounting Alalyst
Jermey Spence Whs. Bearings
Jerry Mull CNC Operator
Jesse Rhodes CNC Operator
Jim Brown CNC Operator
Jim Ross Whse Bar Superv.
Jody Engelhardt CS Coord. OEM
Judy Hartranft CS Superv.
Julie Ross Inv. Shipping
Ken Spiess General Machine
Kevin Mull CNC Operator
Kim Williams CS - Bar
Kory Klinger Whs. Saws
Lee Dunnett General Machine
Lloyd Baun Manual Mach.
Lynn Christenson Mfg. Programmer
Mark Baun Short Order
Mark Falkenberg Whs. Shipping Supv.
Matt Laffartha Mfg. Tech.
Mike Bennett Inv. Control Supv.
Nazar Mendoza CNC Operator
Nhut Dang CNC Operator
Pam Szelangowski Purchasing Mgr.
Rachel Nelson CS Coord. OEM
Randy Dominque Whs. Beargins Suprv.
Randy Frank General Machine
Rick Taylor Tool Room
Ron Fraizer CNC Operator
Scott Czajka Estimating
Shari Kuyoth CS Dist.
Shawn Moden Screw Machine
Steve Sanderson CNC Operator
Tad Nisely CNC Operator
Teresa Elling HR Asst.
Tim Wambold Warehouseman
Tom Ghesquiere CS Mgr.
Tom Kwiatkowski Pres.- CEO
Tom Sauerwein CNC Operator
Tony Stormer Driver
Tracy Gary Gen. Superv. Mach.
Trish Sebring Mfg. Prod. Control
Tuan Chu Tool Room
William Griffith CNC Operator

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Bunting Bearings Employees at Delta, OH

First Name Last Name Position Photo
Anacleto Saldivar Casting Operator
Archie Lee Centrifugal Cast Tech
Bill Mitro QA Supervisor
Bill Smith Maint.
Bob O'Neal Operator
Brian Waugh Casting Tech
Bruce Moses Plant Superintendent
Bryan Patterson Maint
Charles Napier N/A
Chris Koster QC Tech
Dan Wyse Casting Operator
Don Hyatt Straighteners
Gerry Claytor TestbarDie Maker
Greg Thomas Material Handler
Jason Lorensen Metal Rec.
JC Reyes N/A
Jeff Pegorch Operator
Jerry Donaldson Strighteners
Joe Brown N/A
Joel Williams N/A
John Netcher N/A
Jon Ashbaugh N/A
Jose Requena N/A
Karl Routson N/A
Kim Mendoza Office Clerk
Mike Currier N/A
Pablo Torrico N/A
Phil Bettinger Driver
Terry Minnich Die Maker
Tim Brandhuber 2nd Shift Superv.
Tim Cook Centrifugal Cast Tech
Tom Chamberlin 3rd Shift Superv.
Tony Pecina N/A
Wes Sickmiller N/A

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Bunting Bearings Employees at Cerritos, CA

First Name Last Name Position Photo
Dennis Eilefson N/A
Dorothy Simpson N/A
Joe Lizcano N/A
John Gallick N/A
Joseph L. N/A
Rhina Magallanes N/A
Tony Johnson N/A
Veronica Ramirez N/A
Vicky Sluder N/A

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Bunting Bearings Employees at Houston, TX

First Name Last Name Position Photo
David Follett N/A
George Rohloff Regional Sales Manager
Jose Aguilar N/A

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