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Our Lead-Free ECO BRONZE Bearings

Bunting Bearings is the premiere name in the niche of environmentally-friendly bearing and cast bar solutions and supplies leading producers of sustainable energy, marine, medical and other commercial products with high quality bronze bushings and cast bars. Our eco-friendly alloy C87850 ECO Bronze is RoHS compliant and meets the lead-free safe drinking water act. The main difference between our ECO BRONZE and other lead-free alternatives is that ECO BRONZE is a great bearing material.

Other materials compromise their bearing properties to become lead-free, but ECO BRONZE has proved to be as good as, and in some cases superior to, the leaded material it has replaced.

ECO BRONZE is probably the most tested lead-free bronze material to-date; Bunting Bearings and Chase Brass had this material arduously tested by various independent laboratories in the USA, and all came to the same conclusion: “it’s tough,” “non-galling,” “does not get brittle at high temperatures,” “superior impact and compressive strength,” and “a great bearing material. Eco Bronze has gained acceptability in the potable water pump industry as it is S3874 & AB1953 compliant, it’s also gained acceptance in other industries such as construction equipment, Wind tower, food processing, medical devices and many others due to its great bearing properties.

By incorporating ECO BRONZE into your manufacturing supply chain, your business can easily reach its sustainability goals. Being environmentally responsible is a goal that Bunting, Chase Brass and most of our customers share. By specifying a green product such as ECO BRONZE in lieu of a traditional leaded material you have taken a significant step forward.  Furthermore, by leading your company with the procurement change your employees can take note and find additional ways for your business to decrease its environmental footprint.  Selecting eco-friendly bronze products is just the start – how else does your facility plan to increase sustainability this year?

Why Tribology Matters When Calculating Bearing Performance

First, What is Tribology?

Tribology is the study of friction and wear on surfaces and materials that are in motion. Bearings are the perfect example of products that would require some background in tribology, since they are constantly rubbing against other items in their everyday function.

Bunting Bearings has always been at the forefront of bearing calculations including PV wear and friction data, and when we required independent verification on how effective a bearing material our new lead free ECO Bronze material was, we turned to the leading US tribology expert, Dr. Robert Adams.

Dr. Adams’ doctoral research was focused on characterizing plane bearing materials’ PV friction and wear performance profiles. Dr. Adams applied his knowledge to develop a tribometer that reduced the time needed to obtain reliable PV wear and friction test results. Dr. Adams’s company, Tribis Engineering Inc., is now finalizing all the PV data that will show that ECO Bronze is the first real cost competitive material to current leaded and lead free bronze bearing materials.

Bearing Tribology


Bunting will be releasing tribological data on many of our bronze compounds in the near future.

There is not a single “best” bearing material and surface combination. Understanding how the various materials compare under these changing conditions makes it possible to select the “best” bearing material and surface combination for a particular application.

Tribo-spectrometry helps us to understand the particular friction and wear behavior of differing materials, and make the right choices for current needs.


Sustainability through Alternative Energy and Green Materials

British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell have declared that by 2050, most of the world’s energy needs will be met using alternative or clean energy. Renewable sources like natural gas, wind power and geothermal hot spots are valued for their clean properties.

Wind turbines

Wind energy continues to gain popularity

Wind energy is fast growing in popularity and thanks to recent developments has experienced a surge in production volume, accompanied by a dip in the cost of set-up and expansion. And geothermal energy harvested from the heat of the Earth’s core is ever abundant and produces steam which in turn can drive turbine based devices to generate electricity.

Sustainable energy providers work to supply cities and operational activities like manufacturing with adequate clean power. To further accelerate the process of going green, vendors can use responsibly sourced or ‘sustainable’ materials to update infrastructure. This may include lead free bearings or items like reclaimed wood to replace traditional provisioning.

Bunting Bearings is a premiere name in the niche of environmentally friendly bearing solutions and supplies sustainable energy providers, marine, medical and other commercial markets with high quality components. Our eco-friendly alloys like the C87850 ECO Bronze, C95400 Aluminium- Bronze, C89835 Bismuth bronze are RoHS compliant and meet the lead-free safe drinking water act and are manufactured for use in heavy machinery and on rugged terrains.

By incorporating these materials into your manufacturing supply chain, your business can more easily reach sustainability goals. And by greening processes at the procurement level, employees can take note and find additional ways for the company to decrease its environmental footprint. Selecting eco-friendly industrial products is just the start – how else does your facility plan to increase sustainability this year? Let us know on Twitter.

Bunting’s Innovative BB16 Bearings

When most people think of a powder metal bearing they think of Bronze normally made to the SAE841, MPIF CT-1000-K26 or similar specification, but they don’t think of powder metal for heavy loaded bearing applications. Many years ago Bunting pioneered BB16 as a heat treated iron copper material to handle these applications. It was branded as “The world’s best kept secret” but this is no longer true for some heavy industry users.

Typical uses of Bunting’s BB16 material are for off road equipment, earth moving equipment, escalators and the US Military. BB16 is heat treated to a Rockwell Hardness B scale (HRB) of 70 to increase its resistance to deformity under heavy loads. Similar to our standard Bronze bearing line, BB16 bearings are vacuum impregnated with Oil. However BB16 bearings contain extreme pressure oil which remains in the pores of the bearing to provide lubrication from the bearing to the shaft during operation. However, BB16 possesses a maximum load value of 8,000 psi (pounds per square inch), a maximum velocity value of 35 sfpm (surface feet per minute), and a maximum load-at-velocity (PV) value of 75,000. BB16 bearings can operate at temperatures ranging from -10 degrees F to 220 F (-12 degrees C to 104 C). If your application requires a self-lubricating bearing that can withstand high loads, then Buntings BB16 may be able to solve your problem.

Our Powdered Metal Bearings Are Right for You

Typically, the powdered metal process is used for high volume production of bronze bearings. However, we have found that many of our clients prefer powdered metal bearings, but do not necessarily need large volumes of product. That is where we step in.

We offer the advantages of powdered metal bearings for less traditional purposes. For example, if you need to produce prototypes and require an initial low volume of parts before full production, we can manufacture a powdered metal bearing for you, saving you money.

Here at Bunting Bearings, we offer clients a wide range of powdered metal self-lubricating solid and cored bars. Additionally, we stock over 200 different bars in bronze and iron copper, which can be customized to specific requirements. Whether your bearing needs to withstand 700 degrees F or requires strength of 22,000 psi, we will find the right powdered metal bearing to fit your needs. Specifically, we stock the standard SAE841, that has a working temperature range of 10 degrees F to 200 degrees F, and conforms to CT-1000-K26, the Dri Plane, which uses a proprietary compound for dry lubrication and high temperature applications, a military specification grade bronze, which conforms to CTG-1001-K23, and iron copper bars, which conform to SAE863 specifications.

The vast selection of bearings and products that we offer are available right now, in multiple sizes, and for a variety of uses. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is here to help answer any questions or concerns that you may have for your particular applications. Remember, we are one of the largest producers of bronze bearings in the U.S. and offer the highest quality products available. Powdered Metal Bearings